The fee summary page gives you the broad strokes of the Weems Law Firm's fee structure.  Here are some more details for a typical personal injury case.  Throughout the agreement, we refer to our Us, We, the Firm, and Dathan Weems' Firm when referring to the Dathan Weems himself, his firm, The Dathan Weems Law Firm LLC, and his staff. When we say You, or Your, we're referring to you as our Client.

1.    NEW MEXICO GROSS RECEIPTS TAX.  You agree to pay the applicable gross receipts tax to the State of New Mexico, which must be collected by Dathan Weems' Firm based on the amount of the fee You pay our Firm. 

2.    REPAYMENT OF EXPENSES.  In addition to the fee, you will repay all expenses advanced by us.  Some expenses normally paid by Dathan Weems' firm are fees for:

  • medical and other reports;
  • expert witness fees;
  • deposition costs;
  • investigation expenses; and
  • travel expenses.  

You agree to let us deduct any expenses advanced from your portion of the settlement, judgment, or recovery before payment to anyone else.  The RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT for attorneys require that you repay expenses advanced by Dathan Weems' firm regardless of whether recovery is specifically obtained for such sums.

3.  OUTSIDE COUNSEL.   You authorize us to help with your case.  You understand that Dathan Weems' firm may be sharing attorneys’ fees and expenses with other lawyers or law firms and consent to any such fee and expense sharing.  

4.   Rest assured, we work for you and retain experts when we decide they're necessary for your benefit.

5.    CHANGE OF ATTORNEY.  If you decide to find another attorney, you promise to pay, as a fee earned at the date you make the change, a sum equal to the greater of: 

a) one-third of the last bona-fide offer to settle and any all claims, together with all costs accrued; or

b) Two Hundred Twenty-Five dollars ($225.00) per hour times the total number of hours expended on your case, together with all costs accrued, and agree to assign to your new attorney a lien on my cause of action equal to that amount.  

6.    VOLUNTARY WITHDRAWAL.  You agree that the Dathan's firm retains the right at any time following investigation, discovery, or legal research to be released from this agreement and to no longer represent you. This doesn't happen often, but if it appears to the us that:

  • Circumstances have developed which hinder continued pursuit of the claim;
  • that continued litigation would not be cost effective or result in a sustainable or collectable judgment;
  • or the you engages in conduct that renders it unreasonably difficult for us to carry out the employment effectively.  You agree that a certified letter sent by Dathan Weems' Firm to my last known address is sufficient for us to withdraw.

7.    REIMBURSEMENT and LIENS.  If an insurance company or the govermnent pay your medical bills, part of your agreement with them is to pay back those expenses.  As your attorneys, we're obligated to pay them on your behalf.

8.    BENEFITS.  If you getting a sum of money affects your government benefits, you need to tell the Firm immediately.

9.    NO GUARANTEE OF RESULT.  The Dathan Weems Law Firm has built a reputation on sound professional judgment and professional acumen.  It is our job to pursue your best outcome at all times.  However, beyond our performance of certain tasks, we have not and ethically may not guarantee any particular legal result. This is true for all civil cases.  If you're ever told otherwise by an attorney, be weary.

10.    YOUR COOPERATION.  A cornerstone of the attorney-client relationship is open communication. Your input is not only important, but necessary for us to best represent your interests. If you're out of touch with us, it may result in our withdrawal from your case.

11.    TIME.  You understand that any legal action may take longer than anyone wants.  Most delays aren't due client information gathering, opposition’s response time, scheduling, and lengthy waiting periods to get on the Court calendar. Rest assured, we want to settle your claim and help you get on with your life.